Sometimes I want to send some text from my phone to my computer and the other way around.

As a Google Pixel Android user, I used to use Google Keep for many years. 

I could put a note in Google Keep, and then access the note on my computer via the web version of Keep, and the other way around.

But I wasn’t comfortable having all these notes transiting through Google, so I wanted something else.

After trying multiple solutions, my favorite solution was finally to install Signal on both my computer and my phone. 

I can then send messages to myself, and they get synchronized on all my devices.

When I’m done with the note, I can right-click and choose “Delete from all devices”. 

I can even synchronize pictures and videos. It’s been really great! 

With Signal my data is self-hosted on my individual devices, rather than on the cloud, and so I feel my data is safer this way.