[StackOverflow] How to pass event as argument to an inline event handler in JavaScript?

You don’t need to pass this, there already is the event object passed by default automatically, which contains event.target which has the object it’s coming from. You can lighten your syntax:

[Politics] When is a democratic vote actually the wrong tool?

Democracy is defined as: “Democracy is sometimes referred to as “rule of the majority”. Democracy is a system of processing conflicts in which outcomes depend on what participants do, but no single force controls what occurs and its outcomes.” Democracy and democratic votes is a mechanism that can be used to resolve many kinds of conflicts. However, when is actually democracy the wrong type of conflict resolution mechanism?

[Cybersecurity] Why isn't stealing cookies enough to authenticate?

Technically, even if the contents in the cookie were to be encrypted, if cookies are properly copied to the new browser and the new browser sends the same HTTP headers (same user agent string, referrer is as expected, computer has same IP address, and all other headers the server could have previously stored and and compare against), the server theoretically wouldn’t be able to differentiate between the original browser and the new browser.

[LinkedIn] States sue Meta, say apps harm kids

I think an interesting study that should be done is a comparison between negative mental health effects of news networks compared to social media platforms. I think we’re on to something! Perhaps we’ll find out social media is actually better than news network in terms of mental health, because you can actually choose who you follow, and block what you don’t want to see.

[LinkedIn] An anti-smartphone movement is born

It’s the age old argument, the problem is not social media, it’s what you watch on social media. The problem is not the tool, it’s what you do with the tool. We have to clean up what we watch, watch healthy stuff to have a healthy mind. And not disconnect and go live under a rock, where’s the evidence that this is better? 

[StackOverflow] Prevent grep from exiting in case of nomatch

If you’re using grep with set -euo pipefail and don’t want to exit if no record is found (exit code = 1), but still want it to fail if it’s another exit code, you can use this.